I started personal training with Nicole almost a year ago after rehabilitation for a broken shoulder.   I was told by the surgeon that I would not get back my full range of motion and that my shoulder would never be the same.     Nicole has changed my program several times as I gotten stronger and has also helped me with diet and nutrition.   While working out on my own I stick pretty much to the program Nicole has given me but on the days I work out with her she always adds some extras and we try new exercises  so that I stay motivated and challenged.     Safety and injury prevention are always a priority.  Nicole has excellent communication skills and is always willing to answer my questions at the gym, by email, text or on social media.   I have regained full range of motion and am getting stronger by the day.  Thank you Nicole!

At 40 I began my fitness journey, tired of the muffin top etc., all the great stuff that midlife was bringing on.  I was getting ready to move into size 31 jeans and weighing in at 150 lbs, yikes!!!
After five years of bootcamp and different meal plans, proteins shakes that I just starved on and got that much fluffier.  In February 2015 I just stopped any fitness programs all to together as the frustration was over coming me and I was tired of being disappointed.
Then I remembered this bootcamp I seen advertised on Facebook other friends where liking and commenting on so I figured what the heck what do I have to lose at this point other than my motivation to become healthy and fit started to disappear. So that June I contacted Nicole through Facebook, met with her on that Friday and started my first class that Monday and I’ve never looked back this has been an amazing journey and I’m so glad I get to share it with Nicole.  I started that August adding 2 days of weight training along with the bootcamp and March 2016 I jumped in to full time weight training and I love it, it’s the best decision I’ve made.

I have built strength, confidence and the courage to take my anxiety and depress head on so that I can build my self-esteem up.  I set new goals every time I accomplish the last goal.  I am now 46 and working on my first Figure competition goal, goals are important no matter how big or small you can’t help but grow.  Without Nicole I wouldn’t have even gotten this far she pushes when you think you just can’t do anymore. Her passion for what she does keeps you going and I the bottom line passion and loving what you do make all the difference in anything you do and Nicole is that person.

When I started with Nicole and Adam I was feeling intimidated about signing up to workout with them. I was an overweight out-of-shape, uncoordinated woman with a rather low sense of body image. Today my whole perspective and confidence has come full circle. I can literally go down the list and check off “yes” to all the benefits that can come with even a modest exercise regime. Body strength, stamina, endurance, better posture and balance, self-image, the list goes on. They have a “you got this” attitude that makes you want to strive and come back for more. Caring, supportive, encouraging, a great sense of humor, they will push you to your limit and you will love it. I truly believe that working with Nicole and Adam will be one of the best investments you can make in and for yourself.

When I signed up for Nicole and Adam’s bootcamp class, I was all by myself and had no idea what to expect. Now I feel like a community has been built, and everyone is so supportive of their fellow bootcampers. This is hugely in turn due to Adam and Nicole’s encouraging and (often times very) humorous approach to teaching. Many times I’ve been pushed further than I thought I could go, all thanks to having dedicated, enthusiastic trainers consistently nudging me forward in my progress. At the end of every class, everyone leaves sweaty, ugly, tired, and laughing. Even though they both train to achieve their own fitness goals in their lives, they still give 110% to their class, which is so inspiring and amazing to watch. I feel sad now when I have to miss a class! I couldn’t recommend them enough; although I’m sure my friends and family are already sick of hearing about how awesome they are!

I met Nicole in January 2017, after being referred to her as a Personal Fitness Trainer. I had made the decision to lose 40 pounds, and I knew I needed an extra push!!………. I will say, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I am down almost 35 pounds now, and with Nicole’s help and inspiration, I very much look forward to our training sessions. I admire Nicole’s commitment to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals, whether it be for training or nutritional advice, she is the GO TO for information!!!!!……. Nicole is supportive of my individual goals, physically, spiritually and emotionally, and consider myself very blessed to have her helping me along my journey…..

I started training with Nicole back in March, 2017. I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym in over three years, was suddenly overcome with motivation to make a permanent lifestyle change, and was looking for a personal trainer to help me achieve my goals. I’m not going to lie, I remember the day I first met Nicole, for I felt incredibly intimidated strictly based on her appearance. Boy was I wrong! Although Nicole is incredibly fit (what an understatement) and dedicated to her passion, she is nothing but approachable, friendly, supportive, and professional! She is very big on “technique” and ensuring you’re doing the exercises correctly, to reduce the risk of injury. This was a huge reason why I wanted to work with a trainer in the first place. She is great at instilling confidence and strength in you, that you don’t know you have. She is always there, at any time, to answer questions or concerns I have. Finally, she is incredibly flexible and understanding. At times I have a difficult work schedule to work around. Nicole is very accommodating with training times, and understanding if we I have to cancel/reschedule due to short notice work conflicts. I highly recommend having the opportunity to train with Nicole!

“As most stories go, there was a screaming need in my soul for a change. It started with a decision. A decision of wanting to be healthier. For years I had battled through extremely abusive relationships, drug abuse, depression and bi polar. To say the least, I was DONE with the lifestyle and manic outbursts. My medication and unhealthy lifestyle had me sitting at 230lbs at 5’11. I started running around my block daily. No idea how to properly train, scared of gyms. Along came team Janveaux! They had a private gym to attend. A secure, safe atmosphere. Here is where I met my mentor (Nicole), hearing her story, seeing what she has overcome and continues to conquer every day. The inspiration filled my lost soul. I trained 5 days a week with them. Hard work yes, but they were there every step of the way. Encouraging me to keep going, giving me knowledge and of course always giving me full support on my journey. I was amazed at how weights was transforming my body but even more impressed with the discipline I was creating for myself. This journey with them led to my career. I wanted to help others fight mental disorders, get fit, feel their best like I had. I signed up for college to become a personal trainer. 3 years in, I have a degree and I’m almost 4 years clean. I owe this life change to the Janveaux team. They were my rock. They were my push. They helped me change my entire lifestyle around. I no longer quiver at the thought of being in a gym. I’m willing to always learn more. I still hold Nicole as my biggest inspiration. She is a tough cookie to train with but her passion shines through so bright it makes you feel invisible! I’m fully off all medications and this picture I weighed in at 158lbs Thank you Nicole for spending the time and energy to help me grow into the woman I am now. Never stop what you’re doing. You are truly an amazing human being.”

Before I started with Nicole, I weighed almost 200 pounds, I was un-educated, and extremely self-conscious and scared of going to the gym. I was in a lot a pain from pcos which made me feel exhausted and drained all the time, and I was told I needed to lose weight and start living a healthy life in order to lessen the symptoms and up my chances of ever having a family. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change, and that’s when I met Nicole. She made the whole gym world a lot less scary by giving me not only an amazing diet and workout plan, but by giving me a ton of support that I needed! Any question I had at any time she was always more than happy to answer! The first month I trained with Nicole the pain from pcos went from almost every day, to only 4 days that month, which absolutely blew me away!! I needed someone to push me and give me the support and knowledge to live a healthy life and Nicole did that for me without a doubt! She helped me to lose over 20 pounds but not only that, she helped me to become more confident in myself, and made me realize that I can do anything. I am SO glad I got the chance to meet her and work with her because she seriously changed my life and made me see that I can be pain free and beyond happy! I have never had someone so dedicated to see me be my best and I think everyone needs some Nicole in their life!