Before I started with Nicole, I weighed almost 200 pounds, I was un-educated, and extremely self-conscious and scared of going to the gym. I was in a lot a pain from pcos which made me feel exhausted and drained all the time, and I was told I needed to lose weight and start living a healthy life in order to lessen the symptoms and up my chances of ever having a family. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change, and that’s when I met Nicole. She made the whole gym world a lot less scary by giving me not only an amazing diet and workout plan, but by giving me a ton of support that I needed! Any question I had at any time she was always more than happy to answer! The first month I trained with Nicole the pain from pcos went from almost every day, to only 4 days that month, which absolutely blew me away!! I needed someone to push me and give me the support and knowledge to live a healthy life and Nicole did that for me without a doubt! She helped me to lose over 20 pounds but not only that, she helped me to become more confident in myself, and made me realize that I can do anything. I am SO glad I got the chance to meet her and work with her because she seriously changed my life and made me see that I can be pain free and beyond happy! I have never had someone so dedicated to see me be my best and I think everyone needs some Nicole in their life!