I started training with Nicole back in March, 2017. I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym in over three years, was suddenly overcome with motivation to make a permanent lifestyle change, and was looking for a personal trainer to help me achieve my goals. I’m not going to lie, I remember the day I first met Nicole, for I felt incredibly intimidated strictly based on her appearance. Boy was I wrong! Although Nicole is incredibly fit (what an understatement) and dedicated to her passion, she is nothing but approachable, friendly, supportive, and professional! She is very big on “technique” and ensuring you’re doing the exercises correctly, to reduce the risk of injury. This was a huge reason why I wanted to work with a trainer in the first place. She is great at instilling confidence and strength in you, that you don’t know you have. She is always there, at any time, to answer questions or concerns I have. Finally, she is incredibly flexible and understanding. At times I have a difficult work schedule to work around. Nicole is very accommodating with training times, and understanding if we I have to cancel/reschedule due to short notice work conflicts. I highly recommend having the opportunity to train with Nicole!