When I signed up for Nicole and Adam’s bootcamp class, I was all by myself and had no idea what to expect. Now I feel like a community has been built, and everyone is so supportive of their fellow bootcampers. This is hugely in turn due to Adam and Nicole’s encouraging and (often times very) humorous approach to teaching. Many times I’ve been pushed further than I thought I could go, all thanks to having dedicated, enthusiastic trainers consistently nudging me forward in my progress. At the end of every class, everyone leaves sweaty, ugly, tired, and laughing. Even though they both train to achieve their own fitness goals in their lives, they still give 110% to their class, which is so inspiring and amazing to watch. I feel sad now when I have to miss a class! I couldn’t recommend them enough; although I’m sure my friends and family are already sick of hearing about how awesome they are!