“As most stories go, there was a screaming need in my soul for a change. It started with a decision. A decision of wanting to be healthier. For years I had battled through extremely abusive relationships, drug abuse, depression and bi polar. To say the least, I was DONE with the lifestyle and manic outbursts. My medication and unhealthy lifestyle had me sitting at 230lbs at 5’11. I started running around my block daily. No idea how to properly train, scared of gyms. Along came team Janveaux! They had a private gym to attend. A secure, safe atmosphere. Here is where I met my mentor (Nicole), hearing her story, seeing what she has overcome and continues to conquer every day. The inspiration filled my lost soul. I trained 5 days a week with them. Hard work yes, but they were there every step of the way. Encouraging me to keep going, giving me knowledge and of course always giving me full support on my journey. I was amazed at how weights was transforming my body but even more impressed with the discipline I was creating for myself. This journey with them led to my career. I wanted to help others fight mental disorders, get fit, feel their best like I had. I signed up for college to become a personal trainer. 3 years in, I have a degree and I’m almost 4 years clean. I owe this life change to the Janveaux team. They were my rock. They were my push. They helped me change my entire lifestyle around. I no longer quiver at the thought of being in a gym. I’m willing to always learn more. I still hold Nicole as my biggest inspiration. She is a tough cookie to train with but her passion shines through so bright it makes you feel invisible! I’m fully off all medications and this picture I weighed in at 158lbs Thank you Nicole for spending the time and energy to help me grow into the woman I am now. Never stop what you’re doing. You are truly an amazing human being.”